What are the BEST TIMES  to take a boat tour ?
The BEST TIMES question is my MOST asked question, and my hardest to answer as so many factors have to be taken into consideration.  I have found out even with all my best efforts, mother nature always wins.  But hopefully this will help.
FIRST if here for a limited time (say a week) try to book early in your weeks time frame so if it rains you can bounce into a day later in the weeks time.
SECOND We find the most tranquil tours are done on weekdays,  simple reason LESS boat traffic. No fishing tournaments, limited fishing folks and the biggest less rednecks with airboats traveling around the marshlands. We still do GREAT trips for the folks doing tours, and many folks like to see the redneck activities and feel apart of the southern airboating community. We may on holiday weekends  see less gator's with the added boat traffic, so a great redneck run is done . If you only have a week-end to do check with me Candy and I can let you know what would be the best time of the weekend to go..     whewwww
THIRD The time of day that is best all depends on the time of year (temps)  If hot the best times the early morings and then late days in the coolest times of day.  Believe it the critters are smart enough to stay out of the heat of a HOT day.   BUT in the winter (yes, we have winter here in Florida) the mid day trips can be the best gator viewing.  Birds are usually available all day starting in October thru early May season.
With all this said "we are never able to call it perfectly", the clouds can move in on a sunny trip, or clouds may move out on a gloomy trip.  A week-end can be DEAD changing ALL my plans. Nothing stays the same.  I watch the radar on my computor  every day and only cancel trips when solid rain or very high winds come into tour area.  So when you call in for confirmation before trip, if you have questions I will answer them at that time.  Captain Andy
If you are only 1 or 2 folks call as early as possible as we require 3 for a tour boat to launch, or be flexible so we can place you with other folks to fill a boat. Many tours are 2 folks with 2 more folks and then 2 more added, to fill a boat. Just give me a call   863-0696-0406